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  Creator / Art Direction / Animation / Illustration

Pool Panic is a game co-created with Mike Robinson of Rekim Ltd, published by Adult Swim Games.

I took the idea from initial concept to shipped product, creating and directing the art and animation, also creating promotional content for the launch of the game.
The game released in July 2018 for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

All of the art was created in Adobe Animate. The game was developed in the Unity game engine.


  Director / Animation 

Beach Day is a short made to announce the release date of Pool Panic.

directed by Angus Dick

animation by Rosanna Wann

sound design by Matt Eaton

music by Grandmaster Gareth

produced by Adult Swim Games


  Art Direction / 2D Animation

Fruitwolf is a minion-throwing adventure about a wolf befriending sentient fruits on his way home one evening.
The game was co-created with developer Acid Nerve, made in 72 hours.

The art was created in Adobe Animate and the project was developed in the Unity engine.

>Play/Download it Here<


 Art Direction / 2D Animation

Head Home is a victory parade avoid-em-up. Play as the hero navigating through a crowd of admirers to present a fragile trophy to the king.

The game was co-created with Acid Nerve for the Jamchester 2016 competition, and was taken from initial concept to final product in 50 hours.

The art and animation was made in Adobe Animate, and the game was developed in the Unity game engine.

The game won the Best Overall Game award.


  Art Direction / 2D Animation

Faceman is an arena action-platformer made in 72 hours. The aim of the game is to destroy creatures and steal their faces, gaining different abilities in the process. Steal as many faces without getting touched by the beasties!

It was co-created with Acid Nerve. All of the art was drawn and animated in Adobe Animate.

>Play/Download it Here<